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Cart #sadeyajzo-0 | 2020-10-19 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

That's a project I though I lost long ago. I was working on it on my PocketCHIP, tell you how old this is and had an issue with it and needed to reinstall everything and lost all the cart I was working on, this one was one of them, and I'm delighted that I had a copy somewhere else.

So this one is date from the 19 May 2016 (at least last modification of the file) and was at a time I was playing around trying to replicate exisiting music in PICO-8 (as for the Megaman in another cart of mine already published here) Also had fun working on replicating the screen from the original game.

I really like how the two song render in PICO-8, I'm pretty sure I started to work on some other but lost all the work :(

Hope you will enjoy!

P#83117 2020-10-19 11:44 ( Edited 2020-10-20 11:11)

I also think the music visualiser in this version is more recent than the one in the Megaman carts

P#83194 2020-10-21 16:40

Great work!
Could I use your music tracks in my implementation of Tetris?

P#111742 2022-05-12 17:19

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