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Ice Breakers

Balance power and precision as you strategically whack ice all while keeping the little skater's head above water!

Play locally against friends or CPU players in single or multi-elimination matches!

In Game Controls:

  • Use the arrow keys to move your hammer
  • Use Z to hit your hammer

Your hammer's power will oscillate between a tiny precise tap, and a chaotically random whack! Surrounding ice will experience more disruption with several weaker hits, while a single powerful strike will leave adjacent ice less disturbed as you smash your target block. Just be careful you hit the right one! Find the right balance of precision and power as you strategize to defeat your opponents and unlock new characters!

Based on the classic board game, the idea to implement in PICO-8 was provided by my 6 year old son. We had a blast working on it together!


P#131127 2023-06-19 05:33 ( Edited 2023-06-19 13:43)


This works better as a videogame than I would have guessed. Nice work!

P#131628 2023-07-04 11:39

Cute little game, I like the graphics a lot. Gameplay's pretty fun too.

P#136884 2023-11-04 02:38

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