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Hello again. I received my C64 Maxi (TheC64) yesterday and turned it into a Pi powered retro computer. It works great, but required some manually configuring to get fully working. The keyboard works out of the box, but the joystick does not and requires you to compile the SDL2 key mapper software. You could even code Pico 8 games on this thing. I chose Retropie so I can easily select and play C64 games and try out other retro computer emulators.

What is a C64 Maxi? It is the bigger brother of the C64 Mini. It has a full sized working keyboard and you can easily play games or code on it. The downside is the default system is hard-coded for a 720p screen resolution. My old Dell VGA monitor doesn't support this screen resolution

Why? I wanted to use my old square VGA Dell monitor for C64 games and try seeing if I could use the keyboard on Pico 8. Also, the mod I did doesn't alter the default Maxi boards in any way. I disconnected the keyboard and created a USB adapter that plugs into the C64 Maxi keyboard. If I want to go back to a stock configuration, I'm able to. Do I recommend this mod? Yes I do.

P#99439 2021-10-31 20:51


Wow! Nice!
I have also TheC64Max. Is it possible post a tutorial how you did this?

P#117255 2022-09-12 07:06

Maybe. Its been a while since I did this.

P#118808 2022-10-08 19:43

I just got mine and would love to learn about how you did this. Any thoughts or information to get started on it for my own would be awesome!

P#124566 2023-01-19 20:25

Sorry for the late reply, but you would have to create a USB adapter. I remember there was a YouTube tutorial for it.

P#131563 2023-07-02 16:51

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