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The Pico-8 BBS Download Link-inator!

Are you 😪 of tedious right-click, save-as routines?

Well, with this script, life just got a bit less tedious!

Where to get it?

Right here on my Github!


This is a userscript written in javascript , that adds a nice, big download link right under the cart player on the Pico-8 Bulletin Board System. Does literally what it says on the tin.

To use this, you need something like TamperMonkey installed in your browser. (I'm using Firefox Developer ATM.)


Is this necessary? Nope, but I got sick of clicking the link, then right click save as...you know the deal. This just makes a big fat link on the page, in a bright blue color, right beneath the player for the game itself.


Check out my website, my Github, or follow me on Twitter @odd_codes.

I've also been updating a new version of the unofficial PICO-8 API, so check that out too!

P#87486 2021-02-10 22:27

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