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After trying to debug why my recent game doesn't work on the forms (but works fine in Splore and when exported), I've discovered if you don't include a breadcrumb string parameter in the load function, the cart will never actually load, and will just hang instead.

I'm assuming this isn't intended, since it's marked as an optional parameter, and it behaves fine inside Pico8 itself (or an exported cart).

As a quick example:

load("#cartid")                  -- won't work on forums (but will everywhere else)
load("#cartid", "back to title") -- will work

Also, as a side note, this may or may not be intended, but it seems the "fantasy glitching" when reloading (ctrl+r) effects the general use / work ram. Meaning if you rely on it to pass data to and from carts (like in Picoware), a player doing so may break the game.

P#74406 2020-04-02 01:08

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