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Long ago and far away on a distant planet called FLEB, lettuce was the coin of the realm for a race of beings simply calling themselves Flebians.

Lettuce ! With its leafy greens, tender shoots, and mouth watering crunchy taste. Indeed it was the most valuable thing on the planet for its lifegiving properities and in many ways it grew abundantly.

That is until one evil Flebian up and made himself King over all rationing lettuce down to the smallest bits so he could keep all for himself.

This did not set well with the remaining Flebians, but what could they do ? He had hired a whole host of other Flebians with strange and mystical powers. Some able to take a great deal of damage with armored bodies while others could actually shoot Fireballs right out of their mouths !

And the King himself was no pushover. Having studied the dark arts one such unsuccessful Flebian who took him on in hand-to-hand combat suddenly found himself surrounded by a great many mirror clones of the evil King himself, each taking a small nip out of the would-be hero until he too was defeated.

Years passed.

It is now and today though a new hero arises from the ashes of the old. A hero known simply to his friends and enemies as Redboi. It is him and he alone that will defeat the evil King with your help of course. But it won't be easy. Despite this being a turn-based adventure you must take into account the behavior patterns of all the evil Flebian guards and later the King himself !

. . .


To navigate Redboi, use the arrow keys. Run into a Flebian to attack them. To not make a move but to give the bad guys a chance to move, press the (O) key. To use the scanner to see who is what and how many hit points they have remaining, press the (X) key to invoke the magnifier and use the arrow keys to check any square without making a move. Press it again to return to the game.

Be aware the magnifier cannot read the King's hit points correctly as he is using dark magic to protect against this !

Run into the green lettuce to boost your player's hitpoints. You can see you have because Redboi will then put on his Galaxy 9 Space Helmet to show he got a boost. The bad guys around you also change into their special form when they bite the sustaining greens.

. . .

Do not worry if you fail to complete a level, your progress will be saved and you can retry the same exact level again later.

Eventually, oh eventually you will win, if you are brave, intelligent, and cunning. You will indeed topple the evil King directly from his very throne room !

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Listen now to the story of Uncle telling Missy the history of Fleb and how Urgenthnoppe took power those many years ago.

We have faith in Redboi, go now to make us proud !

. . .

So you want a few hints do you ? That's fine. Try not to reveal them all unless you are truly stuck, and click on them in succession of order. So if you really get stuck, click on the 1st hint below and see if that doesn't help you. Click on the next hint after that if you get stuck again.

For instance the last hint you should really not need once you get into the swing of how this turn-based puzzle works, but it's there if you need it.


As you can see the game is indeed turn-based. Use this to your advantage. The small pip on the sides of each evil Flebian shows which direction they are facing. They cannot make a 180 degree turn in one move so if you are behind one that is facing the other way, they cannot attack you or turn to face you on that move.


To defeat a powerful Flebian, perhaps one that has just juiced up on Lettuce, you need to hit them with an attack when they have 2 or more optional paths to take. If you try to meet them head-on they will have no other direction to go except straight through you ending your valor instantly.


Meet them at the crossroads. The more paths available for them to take the greater the chance will be that even though they were hit by Redboi, they may shrug it off and go in a different direction - giving you a chance to hit them again.


Be aware of which Flebians can shoot fireballs. There's nothing worse than closing in on one of the evil Flebians and being suddenly blasted by a fireball because you weren't taking into account which direction they were facing.


Also sometimes Flebians get all jammed up on one part of the map where no-one can move. Go to attack the strongest Flebians first as they cannot defend themselves, then go for the weaker ones. You cannot guarantee this will always happen but the more Flebians on the screen, the greater the chance will be they will jam up against each other.


It's okay to win a level even if you have just one hit point. While you can certainly start the next level with that same one hit point it might be wiser to reset the game and restart that same new level with 3-hit points instead.


The King is very tricky indeed. The only clue I can give is that he will use dark magic to create clones of himself. Every time you hit either the real King or his clones the world will warp. His dark magic will rearrange absolutely everything on the board, including you ! Stick with it though and keep defeating his clones and eventually - eventually you will get to the REAL King and save the day !


One last hint. Get the lettuce. I know that seems simple but really, get the lettuce. You automatically gain 2 hit points when you do and you have no maximum limit. Not only do you get the extra 2-hitpoints the bad guys do not - and you carry these to the next level. And yes they too gain 2 hit points when they bite into the succulent greens. Don't let them ! This also means you should grab all the lettuce before you defeat all the attackers. If you do not you do not gain anything by grabbing the lettuce afterwards.

Have any other questions ? Feel free to ask, and enjoy this cart, from all of us at Sorcery !

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