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This is the first small game I am making on pico8 and it is so much fun !
I now love constrained game development, I feel like an 80's programmer.
Please be kind, but don't hesitate to share some feedback, your thoughts or potential optimizations !


You play as a friendly Godzilla who still destroys buildings but puts them in the proper bin.

So your goal is to pick'em up and go to the bin with the matching color, and to RECYCLE.
You only have 3 lives, so don't get confused and RECYCLE.
There is also a maximum height you can't overstep, so be quick and RECYCLE.


  • X : 1) In game : to pick up a building ; 2) Out of game : to select
  • Left & Right Arrows : to move

Incoming updates

  • Better visuals
  • More feedback on the gained score
  • Combos depending on the number of buildings thrown at the same time in a bin
  • The possibility to eat the carried buildings?
  • The possibility to catch falling buildings before they touch the ground?

Have fun !

P#67396 2019-09-08 12:54

:: dmux

I got a hiscore of 69 which is what I was concerned with.

P#67399 2019-09-08 17:15

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