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Cart #renai_circulation_wip-0 | 2019-06-21 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

My first PICO-8 thing!

(Excuse the crooked writing, it was done in a hurry by a non-Japanese borderline dysgraphic person xd)

All weebs stand up for our national anthem... in 8-bit form.

I bought PICO-8 at the start of this week, and it instantly became my favourite tool for making chiptune music. That said, this is my first piece of music made with PICO-8, so feedback would be greatly appreciated. <3 (It isn't the whole song, it loops btw.) And to those who know the song: did I do a good job? xd

P#65329 2019-06-21 17:39 ( Edited 2019-06-21 19:21)

Funny enough, I had the idea to do this a few months ago, but because I wanted to have a representation of the music video in there as well, I scrapped it.

As far as the cover goes, I am quite fond of it so far! I might make my own version, too, to see if I couldn't do any better ;)

P#65334 2019-06-22 00:32

Cart #guyufafobu-0 | 2019-06-24 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Here's my progress. I also drew my own Japanese characters.

P#65381 2019-06-24 02:24

Nice! Yours sounds mellower and you utilized slides and vibratos much better than me! Also the way you made the drums gave me an idea how I can put variations in my drum track. I'm curious how you'll handle the "kami-sama arigatou..." part, as it's hard to choose and fit all the instruments into 4 tracks. (The brass, which I sticked with sound cool, but the vocal line sounds cool too, but then drums, bass, brass and vocals will sound empty imo. :/)

Also, I need to work on my writing. xd I don't know why I thought making every character a separate sprite and positiong them in code was a good idea. lol

P#65397 2019-06-25 13:58

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