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Hc Svnt Dracones!?

Yes, I know it's latin for "Here Be Dragons" but it's also the name of a furry-themes role-playing game currently on it's second (MUCH improved) edition, but that has a character creation system that involves some number-juggling at times as you start with an amount of XP to spend on a broad sheet of bonuses, and juggling the numbers can be taxing even for the math-inclined.

So... I re-implemented it more like a video-game skill tree, though without any deeper details of what the various parts mean yet.


X toggles rectangles
Left/Right decrease/increase a given row
Up/Down switches between rows

Future Plans/Changelog

There's quite a few more sections I need to implement, and taken by itself this one 'screen' won't make much sense I admit; I do plan to implement most/all of HSD character creation on this tool as I have time.

Version 0.9b

Entirely back-end changes in preparation for expanding to more 'pages' to handle the other components of the character sheet, and eventually handling multiple character sheets in a single cart.

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