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Alright guys. Maybe some of you have noticed my leave of absence, regardless I've caught word of 0.2.0 and decided to work on Sock Ghost 3-2. However, I've seem to have run out of ideas. I've made the first room. Check it out and see if you can come up with what part 2 should have.

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P#6261 2012-06-10 21:27 ( Edited 2012-06-20 06:15)

P.S. Not just storyline ideas, but something ideas for puzzles, killrooms, etc.

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I wish I could help, but I'm no expert on level design. My level design philosophy revolves around doing random stuff that doesn't exactly sound like stuff you'd find in a game that revolves around shooting stuff, like making the playfield a giant Sudoku. I've become discouraged from continuing to create levels by the absence of feedback I get, but unfortunately, I can't think of anything to say regarding feedback for you. :[

Maybe make the enemies spell something and spawn the player on a freeze item to make it easier to see that they spell something? That'd be fun. :P

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@mathgrant: I liked a lot the name of the level "the sudoku that wouldn't die" and the fact that it actually couldn't die, lol.

I think that lately the community is getting a little cooler, with a few people making levels and probably even less playing them.
We need the monster editor and a working no-weapon-thing.

Everybody knows what game we should (re)make.
Zelda for the NES. (__)

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