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When printing with no coordinate arguments, text is printed on the next line after the last prompt position. In addition, when the bottom of the screen is reached, all previous graphics are moved upward.

It is also possible to print multiple lines at once, and when printed at the bottom, it will also move all previous graphics from multiple lines.

However, the lines after the 1st one won't be printed correctly. The 2nd line's bottom half will be hidden, and the lines after that will be invisible.


  1. Start PICO-8
  2. Enter print("1\n2\n3")
  3. Repeat until prompt reaches the bottom of the screen
  4. Repeat. From then on, "2" will be cut and "3" will be invisible.


This also applies to Lua multiline strings using [[ ]], [==[ ]==], etc. instead of "\n".

P#60412 2018-12-28 14:47

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