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"It's been 35 years since your journey to Darestia. As you go into the bar for a drink, you notice a shimmer to the newly installed room in the bar. You go through the door, and a familiar feeling tingles you. The feeling of adventure."

Cart #5675 | 2012-01-02 | Embed ▽ | No License

It's still a work in progress, and I'll be updating it more soon, but for now, enjoy what I have so far. I promise. It'll be much longer than the previous Sock Ghost games when it's finished.
-fixed the forest, you should now be able to proceed to the final room in the beta

P#5664 2012-01-02 00:08 ( Edited 2012-01-02 22:51)

Difficult to navigate. I never know where to go and it's possible to get stuck in an infinite loop.

P#5666 2012-01-02 03:20 ( Edited 2012-01-02 08:20)

I dont know, i'll be waiting for updates, this is the first version, i guess.

P#5667 2012-01-02 11:17 ( Edited 2012-01-02 16:17)

I didn't like the new ghost, the old one was much better ...

P#5669 2012-01-02 11:56 ( Edited 2012-01-02 16:56)

still needs a lot of work. But then again it's still a beta.

P#5670 2012-01-02 12:56 ( Edited 2012-01-02 17:56)

@blinddevil: I changed it to look more "circular", the previous ghost looked like some sort of diamond shaped thing.
@b0rsuk: It's not meant to be an infinite loop. After beating the first stage at the bar you should notice a huge hole on the right, I'll make it so it's easier to know where to go...

P#5674 2012-01-02 17:10 ( Edited 2012-01-02 22:12)

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