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ßlindDevil - Save Heaven V0.8

V0.9 updates :

  • updates about monster and difficulty
    -2 last room .

--- Challenge for everyone, try making a longer story then this that have senses ;;

Special thanks to Apollo9898 for commenting :D
Need to say that in this one i took the dragon head from a map made by: Jeredude
Here D channel go look at his map, he is awsome

P#5248 2011-12-10 12:28


It's out already?

P#5252 2011-12-10 13:31


Also I see you took my suggestion for the name.

P#5255 2011-12-10 13:45


Welll it was only 2 more rooms only 2 hour really not long but now, V1.0 is gonna be out in a long time, after the new voxatron update maybe in a week I have alot of work to do ...

P#5257 2011-12-10 13:51


Um, this didn't upload. you must have accidentally deleted the number that lets it upload.

P#5259 2011-12-10 14:20


The room marked "II" is extremely hard if you don't take the sword as your weapon. This is because minotaurs can destroy the statue in the middle. If that happens, the exit won't appear.

P#5267 2011-12-10 15:57


b0rsuk. Yes it is, but the smartest move is always take the sword.

P#5268 2011-12-10 16:11


This won't download for me...at all.

P#5269 2011-12-10 16:39


Which really bugs me, because I don't like no-brainers in games ("Can't go wrong" choices). Why bother giving player a choice of weapons if one of them is the best for 90% of cases ? Fortunately zep is a fan of DooM exploding barrel idea, they should be a nice antidote to swords.

P#5273 2011-12-11 02:08


Yeah thenk you borsuk and im re upload right now for the download and it's gonna be fixed

P#5285 2011-12-11 13:44

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