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Genetic Olympics is a simulation based game that mimics Olympic Competitors competing in various events.

Important Note: After you are done playing this game. If you have the time, it would be very helpful if you could answer a couple of questions that are related to this.

>>Click here when you want to answer the questions<<

By answering these questions you are aiding us in our research about these kinds of programs. We are currently working on a bachelor thesis and we are trying to gather as much data as possible from users.

So what is there to do?
You are completely free when it comes to using this program. You can for example:

  • Make funny looking Olympians.

  • Compete and try to solve the activities.

  • Save your characters and post them for others to try.

  • By saving you will have the Olympian’s stats copied to your clipboard. To load this character later on,
    paste it before clicking “Load” in the start screen.

To simplify the breeding process for users who are not familiar with it:

  • Use the breed-menu

  • Select the Olympian(s) you want to evolve

  • Choose either high or low mutation depending on what you are after.

  • Press breed and watch your new population of Olympians compete!

The difference between high- and low-mutation

  • High mutation yields a wider range of diversity throughout your population.
  • Low mutation yields less diversity and instead similar-looking Olympians.

If you get stuck when trying to solve something remember that:

  • Selecting all the Olympians and breeding with high mutation will result in a soft “reset”

Thank you so much for taking your time to test this program out, if you don’t feel like answering the >>questions mentioned above<<, you can always add a comment here!

It would be really helpful if you share this, the more data we can gather the better!
Kind regards, Karl Nihlén(Sne) & Sebastian Lind(Elastiskalinjen)

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