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It has occured to me that I can't find out how to use my code from the humble bundle, I can't find a place to put in the code to get the game and i feel i may have wasted money.help!

P#3729 2011-11-09 16:49


Check your email and follow the link

P#3730 2011-11-09 16:58


i've checked my email and i still cannot find a link to my games and when i link through this website it says i have no games!

P#3959 2011-11-11 09:31


what does the link say?(not yours just in general)

P#3960 2011-11-11 09:32


There is a "download .zip" and "download installer" button, on your personal humble bundle download page.

those games that are redeemable on say.. steam, will also have a button that says, "click here to redeem your steam keys"

in the case of this bundle, only a couple of games are available on steam.

Voxatron is NOT available on steam, and you need to download one of the packs from your humble bundle download page.

P#3962 2011-11-11 10:29


You should have gotten an email from Humble Bundle including a personal link where you have to click on. There you can see the download links to all the games from the bundle and also the steam codes for them (not for Voxatron).

Link example: http://www.humblebundle.com/?key=???????

If you can't find the email, check your spam folder or maybe this could help: click

P#3965 2011-11-11 10:31


i have never gotten a email witha personal page for download and redeeming of my Voxatron game, i even checkedd the spam folder, did the resend key, never found it and i have emailed the Lexaloffel games to help me with this but have had no resonse...I'm in quite a predicament

P#3974 2011-11-11 11:49


and when i tried the link to email it says i have no game purchased yet i still have the reciept email with my purchase info

P#3975 2011-11-11 11:51


You should contact Humble Bundle because you ordered the game from there. Here is their contact page:


P#3987 2011-11-11 14:43

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