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You can bounce projectiles with sword. Perhaps not so obscure, but I haven't seen a room based on this ! Using the _dojo feature you could make a room where ranged weapons are not available, and all enemies are on the other side of a pool of lava. The passage appears once all enemies die.

Triple shot fires only two projectiles. Sad, but true ;-). It alternates between "left and middle" and "right and middle", a bit like Mancubus in DooM II. I also tested it on a minotaur. Without Triple, it took 25 shots. With Triple, it took 12. So there you have it, it's just as fake as Quad Damage in Quake 3 (which only triples damage).

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What is this _dojo feature people keep talking about? Did I miss some update or something?

And triple shot still serves its purpose of a bigger spread. Even if it's a complete misnomer and a giant sad lie :c

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It's some kind of thing that makes you have infinite sword. You keep your sword even after taking damage. Check out the level "Dojo" for a demonstration and its corresponding thread for information on how to do it.

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Learn something every day!

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Yeah. Naming the first map _dojo is awesome. Kinda wish there were a similar hack to get the giant dragon boss to appear in a map.

If you're using _dojo, it'll always be active from the start of the game, but you can "hide" it temporarily or permanently by giving the player another weapon type powerup. When the weapon runs out, it'll go into pea shooter mode again. But when they pick up a sword of fortune powerup, they'll become stuck with it permanently again.

My zelda test map shows an example of this, forcing powerups on you both times directly from map change so it's unavoidable.

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