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Cart #32046 | 2016-10-30 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

written for fishing-jam-2 in about 4 days... with pico-8

in catfisk! you're challenged with collecting as many fish as you can from this delightful aquarium feeding trough you've been left alone with.

  • collect the various fish using the arrow keys and z/x buttons
  • score points for collecting the various fish
  • you'll run out of time
  • and then you can choose to collect various more fish.

a @rousrrrr collaboration,

after learning of fishing jam 2, rabblrouser and babyjeans set off to make a couple separate projects, but quickly converged to work on rabblrouser's wonderful idea: catfisk.

for rabblrouser, catfisk was big learning experience in all things programming and it's an introduction and practice run of more things to come.

for babyjeans, it was a chance to exercise some programming muscle, as well as share and teach some knowledge. babyjeans is rabid for all things lua, pico-8 is no exception.

@rabblrouser - Idea / Art / Audio / Code
@babyj3ans - Programming Sauce

More from us:

rousr - http://rou.sr
babyjeans - http://babyjeans.rou.sr
rabblrouser - http://twitter.com/rabblrouser

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