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Right now every possible puzzle has to happen in the same single room. You can't allow for the player to go grab a key or activate something in a room that can open a door or trigger a change in another, different room.

I think that a nice way to enable this in a way that's consistent would be using global object groups. Groups could have a "global name" property so that groups with the same name are in fact the same group, even if they are in different rooms.

When an object in a global group is activated, wherever it was, the active status would apply to all the objects in all the rooms that have the trigger set to "group" and are from the same group.

Something like this would be very useful for dungeon/maze-like kind of levels where you can go back and forth exploring the branches searching for a trigger or an object that will help you in another part of the dungeon. It would also allow for some kind of inventory, as the level will know if you did pick up something (or got next to it at some point).

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