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Cart [#23152#] | Copy | Code | 2016-06-18 | Link

For all PICO-8 musicians out there: a pico metronome, Piconome.
Licence: cc-by.

This is my first PICO-8/Lua program. Feedback is very welcome ^_^

Piconome doesn’t support polyrhythm. If you want to change it in order to add support of polyrhythm, feel free and please let me know…

Git repository.

Changelog and older carts:

Current (1.1):

  • Title screen.
  • Help screen.
  • More precise adjustment of BPM.
  • SFX banks (try #7 :-) ).

Cart [#23090#] | Copy | Code | 2016-06-17 | Link

  • Support for beats == 1.

Cart [#23086#] | Copy | Code | 2016-06-17 | Link

  • Basic stuff. Didn’t support beats == 1.
metre metronome music rhythm tempo
P#23089 2016-06-17 20:51



When adjusting BPM speed it's tricky to move by 1 unit

Let's say I want to move from 120 to 160 BPM. I press and hold right cursor and stop when I get near to the target number. I actually stop on 161. I press left and it jumps to 159, right and it goes back to 161. I have to either press the key very quickly, very light tap, or go away from 160 and then come back to try to land exactly on it.

Some kind of speed ramping or acceleration in the numbers changing would help.

P#23119 2016-06-18 10:48


Thanks :-)

Fixed this problem in the current version (1.1) by using slower, more precise adjustment by default.

I also added a title screen, a help screen and support for SFX ‘banks’.

P#23154 2016-06-18 20:11


I like the interface. Unfortunately it doesn't keep time very well, at least on my machine. Especially noticeable at higher tempos.

P#23164 2016-06-18 23:12


Thanks :-)

It uses the the fact _update() should be called 30 times per second for timing. Is there any better way to do that?

What system do you run it on? Is it from PICO-8 itself, or using the browser?

P#23255 2016-06-19 19:52

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