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I've kinds thought about this, but there aren't any true rules established, but instead just common sense.

I feel that should probably change.

So, I've got a short list of rules that I'd like you guys to read.

  1. No derogatory terms/imagery (racist terms, KKK stuff, et cetera).
  2. Cursing is allowed, but only in moderation. (Don't go on a raging session, folks.)
  3. No Spamming, trolling or excessive caps. (Trolling on the lines of asking questions like "Does a penguin fart?")
  4. Respect your fellow members and moderation team (whenever that happens).
  5. Post things in the correct category. By that, I mean:
    Discussion is for general chatting, discoveries, and questions.
    Editor is for the Editor, and the Editor only.
    WIP holds incomplete carts and what-not.
    Cartridges are where cartridges in a complete/presentable form are shown.
    Collaboration holds topics for community/team projects.
    Support is for problems with the PICO-8 Editor/Player itself.

Sound good?

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