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Cart #jakub10-0 | 2023-03-10 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Roguelike - 10 lines

I'v just bumped into Jakub Debski's 10 liner roguelike for the Atari 800 Turbo Basic XL and I knew that I had to port it to Pico-8. So here it is!


An extended version can be accessed (here)[https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=52046]

Pico-8 port

It's a faithful port of the original Turbo Basic XL version. So it's 10 liner too, but I had to made some modifications:

  • the original playfield was 20x20, I had to reduce it to 16x20 because I wanted to use wide characters in the Pico-8 version.
  • I'm using Pico-8 builtin glyphs instead of numbers for the monsters and for the collectables because - you know - I wanted to use the wide characters.


The original is an entry to the BASIC Ten-Liners - Contest 2014 by Jakub Debski. 2014, so it's 9 years and 9 days old today.
original entry

How to play

(note: this is mostly the original rules, but changed to the Pico-8 variant)
Press Fire to start.

To win you have to survive to level 8 of the dungeon.

In the dungeon:
웃 - represents your character. Move using joystick.
◆ - gold - collect as much of it as you can.
♥ - healing potion restores 5 hit points
⬆️ - magic scroll increases your maximum hit points (stronger scrolls appear deeper in the dungeon)
♪ - musical note to enhance the weapon. Stronger weapons can be found deeper in the dungeon, but be careful - you can replace your weapon with a weaker one.
monsters - the shape of the monster represents strength of the monster.

  • Monsters chase you.
  • Stronger monsters cause more damage. Monster shape 5 cause random damage 1 to 5.
  • You hit monster with random strength up to your weapon strength (with weapon 5 you cause randomly 1 to 5 damage)
  • Monsters steal items from the ground.
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Do you have an expanded version?

P#126938 2023-03-11 01:19

I've no plan extending this game. Maybe I should check the difficulty because it's somehow too easy: I think I messed up the damage calculation.

P#126957 2023-03-11 09:17

this very well made

P#127082 2023-03-13 12:18

Hi I've created a somewhat expanded version and crunched it to fit in an url.
Will post soon

P#127136 2023-03-14 17:23
P#127184 2023-03-15 18:34

@Alberton No, I meant source code. If you don't want to share it, that's fine with me though.

P#127196 2023-03-15 22:18

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