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BAL is an arcade-style, high-stakes action "platformer" (there's only one platform), with one goal in mind: SURVIVE!

Play as a blue ball (named bal), on top of a slippery ice platform, and avoid obstacles such as missiles, a falling boulder, a laser cannon, and... a chicken?!
Collect temporary powerups that give you a slight advantage!
Try and beat your high score, and unlock cosmetics as you do so!

warning, this game is pretty difficult and can be overwhelming at first. That's ok. Every death is a learning experience. :)



-added EASY MODE. all obstacles are 2x slower and powerups appear more often!
-binded Z to jump. (you can still use the up arrow key to jump if you wish.)
-added a DASH. after jumping, dash left or right to gain a boost in that direction! easy mode gives you two dashes per jump.(arrow keys in air.)
-edited death sprites a little (bal actually shows onscreen when you die.)
-remade outlining text code into a function (should've thought of this earlier...)
-other small changes and fixes that i'm too lazy to post

P#126581 2023-03-04 05:40 ( Edited 2023-03-12 03:56)

This seems so cool, yet I can't bring myself to keep playing. I'm usually a sucker for challenging games, yet there is something different about this one. I think the main problem for me is the physics. I feel that not being able to change directions in mid-air is an unfair part of the physics that just leaves me jumping off of the platform itself when there are no other options. I know it's just mad because bad but I played for a couple of rounds and just couldn't play again. I feel so sad because this game looks so good and has a ton of good factors. Maybe an easy mode would fix it but that would kind of spoil the challenge. I feel like making it to where you could change directions mid-jump would make it an easy 10/10, but for right now it's a meh. I hope you can do better, and hey, maybe my opinion is invalid and I'm just bad, in that case, don't let that stop you from making more games.

P#126858 2023-03-09 17:08

I was able to get a high score of 2627 after many rage inducing attempts. I love how polished this feels and the different unlocks are cool. For me, I think the wonky physics is part of the challenge, so I think that part okay. Probably the most unfair part of the game is the fact that the stone blocks fall so unpredictable and fast. Without being able to change direction midair makes them unreactable, and they feel really unfair. I found the "best" way to play was to just literally sit on the left edge and hope the blocks don't fall on you. I feel like the best option should never be cheese lol. Perhaps the blocks could follow a pattern like the missiles and lasers and maybe they could fall slower. This game shows a lot of promise, it just needs a little tweaking to be great!

P#126874 2023-03-09 23:14

this could be easily improved with switching jump to z @billybaub

P#126914 2023-03-10 15:34 ( Edited 2023-03-10 15:35)

Sometimes when my saved data is deleted and get the high score over 1000, I would get the black ball guy.

P#129320 2023-05-02 23:35 ( Edited 2023-06-28 02:46)

How do you dodge the laser?

P#129329 2023-05-03 02:11

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