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Cart #kigezomura-2 | 2022-04-20 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

It's not quite finished yet, so subscribe to the thread to know when it's updated
It's Celeste... but hard mode

Editing Infinite- If you find any cheesable parts, please tell me! I want the game to be as hard as possible :D

v2.1: Attempted to fix cheesing on lvl 2

v2: added new levels! WOOOO

Hey, if you're showing this to a friend, maybe have them play the original Celeste Classic first

P#110565 2022-04-20 11:10 ( Edited 2022-04-20 15:58)

here we gooooooooooooooooooo
lvl 2 is cheesable btw lol

P#110568 2022-04-20 11:51 ( Edited 2022-04-20 11:58)

Felt like regular Celeste for the most part as it isn't quite done yet but there are some very easy ways to beat the first two levels, as someone who is very experienced I can say that the slight wall jumps aren't too difficult.

Kicking the floor out from the player is a good idea though and requires quick thinking or multiple deaths to overcome.

I see potential in this mod and I must compliment the graphical design. The blue eyes of Madeline look good and the darker blue rather than a lighter cyan type color for the level design is really nice to look at, it is contrasted well with the brightness when you pick up the gem.

Keep up the good work.

Edit: It seems on the level before the gem there is a missing spike allowing for the level to be beaten fairly easily.

P#110569 2022-04-20 12:31 ( Edited 2022-04-20 12:36)

Hey, if someone has grapical design ideas, like when you get the orb Madeline's eyes turn red (ooo, thats a good one :P), tell me!

P#110585 2022-04-20 16:00

great mod, but i'd recommend making the strawberries harder. they're really, really easy atm.

P#110590 2022-04-20 17:30

Nice mod,but a little easy for me.

P#110610 2022-04-21 01:48

this mod is meh, level 400 and 700 are very lazy and the rest is just normal levels but added stuff. hop you will make original levels

P#110627 2022-04-21 08:34

if you want to make celeste "as hard as possible", change 1600m so you have to do this (and remove the spring because that's possible but i just didn't do it)

P#111291 2022-05-04 17:10

im a noob ;)

ive never beat celeste classic but how did i beat this????

P#119669 2022-10-27 17:36 ( Edited 2023-01-23 12:37)

100% all berries take that

P#120959 2022-11-18 21:36 ( Edited 2022-11-18 21:36)

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