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Nice game

P#106006 2022-01-30 21:15

Great job! This is one of the few original arcade games I completed back in the 80's (I presume) and you've done an amazing job of capturing it. Managed to take all the Tie Fighters out (including protecting my wingmen) but failed to get the torpedo down the pipe...so far...

May the Force be with you....always.

P#111500 2022-05-08 10:09

Excellent TIE Fighter game! Not sure what everyone was complaining about re: aiming- seemed like a pretty fair challenge. I was always able to tell where I was in space and where the fighters were in relation to me.

My biggest issue is randomly crashing into the Death Star's geometry (I think) and dying seemingly at random on the second mission. Once I realized what was happening however, I was able to beat the rest of the game no problem.

The Vader fight at the end is an excellent level of challenge, though I never really felt in danger, just unable to keep him in my sights for long enough to blast the sucker.

Really looking forward to other 3d space shooters like this- Truly excellent, excellent work

P#129110 2023-04-28 16:51

what the hell i suddenly got destroyed in second level what is it?

P#132719 2023-08-04 04:31 ( Edited 2023-08-04 06:39)

This cart is awesome! Is there the chance to pilot also the Y-Wing?

P#137214 2023-11-10 08:12

ahah - good idea but no ๐Ÿ˜œ

P#137224 2023-11-10 11:02

Got as far as destroy the shield generators then Boom I flew into one lol

For those who had difficulty:


(or the radar scanner!)

P#149811 2024-06-11 14:55 ( Edited 2024-06-11 14:57)

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