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By the way, here are some extra of Kelin's artwork I made until now.

P#89327 2021-03-21 19:55 ( Edited 2021-03-21 19:55)

This is a fun little game, thanks for making it!

P#89329 2021-03-21 21:42

@NeithR: Nice to know about that! I wish you luck on your next project and hope her next adventure ain't as creppy as this one, hehe.

P#89360 2021-03-22 17:28

You're welcome! And also thank you for playing it! :)

Thank you for your support!
Don't worry, the next plan was less creepy and also there will be other person to talk to next time :).

Thank you for playing! :)

P#89391 2021-03-23 15:02

Great game!

P#98180 2021-10-04 02:11

Thank you so much!🥰

P#98181 2021-10-04 02:14

this game is really good. it took me a few tries to beat, but once i figured out the washing trick, it was pretty easy from there.
this is maybe my new favorite puzzle game.

P#98386 2021-10-08 15:40

Thank you so much for adding it as new favorite! 🥰

P#98387 2021-10-08 15:42

What an incredibly charming game!

P#116521 2022-08-29 19:26

Thank you for enjoying the game! 🥰

P#116522 2022-08-29 19:29

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