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I wish you all merry Christmas and happy new year !

Have fun.
I am looking forward to what will Voxatron look like next year !

P#9489 2014-12-24 13:09


Does anybody knows of a way to remove the walking sound ?
Does anybody knows of a way to change the jumping sound ?

Thanks !

This game has become GREAT !

P#9456 2014-12-15 17:52


Hello everyone, I left this game for a while (maybe 1 year).
A lot have changed and I'm trying to get reused to it like I was before.

Who am I:

Name: Anthony
Age: 19
Hobby: girlfriend (if it's one ?), sports, sometimes gaming
Studying in: Computer sciences
What I like about Voxatron: Creativty, creativity, creativity EVERYWHERE MUAHAAHAH...
where do I live: Quebec (in Canada).
Why do I chose this username:
Lol, I have no idea, I did this username a while ago ... but my current username everywhere is RedMask (as you can see my new picture). why did i chose it ? well I often makes nightmare where a random guy, very tall wearing a red mask and black clothes makes me choke when I see him and I can't wake up until the nightmare is over.

P#9452 2014-12-15 14:24


If I copy & paste 25% of the time i FATAL CRASH*
if I copy & paste 30% of the time voxatron crash.
I randomly get crash... often...
sometimes, when I draw voxels, I... you guesses it... crash !!!

PS: the farthest I went on this update was to create the leg movement, then ... CRASHHHHHHH.!!!

  • fatal crash: voxatron crash, freezes my comp and I can do nothing ( I can do nothing, don't post a solution for this I ain't stupid ).
P#8608 2014-03-29 15:52


Hello everyone I know the forum is dead I wanna try soething to bring it back to life.

So here's how it works, veryone can play:

The winner of each weeks give the subject for the next week, a subject can't be repeated twice.

Goal: make a boss with the boss topic given by the winner !

Winner are chosen by the community at the end of the week.

Here's how voting works:

-You cannot vote for your own creation.
-You MUST vote at the end of the week ( friday )
-no submition are allowed friday.
-You vote for 2 boss, 1 will get 2 points the other 1 ( make sure you state who gets 1 and 2 points )

SO to start off the subject for this week is: Tree ! ( it can be a seed / tree )

P#8424 2014-01-31 17:49


To enter, you have to make a Single room containing a Single enemy ( A boss mainly ).

Judges are everyone. ( Even yourself ).

You must also say WHY you gave this mark. ( SO that way we know you aren't giving low mark for no reasons )

Here are the critera:

-Originality. ( 5 ladder scale ) PS: attack style etc.. THE LOOK
-Difficulty ( 5 ladder scale ) PS: a too easy or too hard boss = bad score.
-Pattern ( 5 ladder scale ) PS: a repeated pattern boss is VERY annoying .
-Movement ( 5 ladder scale ) If your boss have fast attack without warning or some annoying movements ( attack ) this makes him lose points here.

-Nautilus. 70%
-Miniature Photon Unit 53%

  • xxx
  • xxx
  • xxx

I'll start to give an Exemple:

Boss name: Nautilus

Cart [#8411#] | 2014-01-25 | Link

-Originality: 4/5. He looks awsome, it's a nice concept we rarely see this, also the attacks are very well done none of them are messed up.

Difficulty: 4/5. Not that hard, not that easy. the difficulty may depends on what kind of player you are, since it requires didging and interpretation skill.

Pattern: 4.5/5. This boss have 5 attacks that are all very different. there's also the fairy bomb that makes this boss amost patternless.

-Movement. 4/5. Low speed makes this boss a very balanced boss, since he have alot of health and his attacks requires time and are mainly strong. All attacks have very decent warning.

Total review of Nautilus I: 16.5 / 20 --- 82.5%

P#8404 2014-01-24 15:02


Ok so there's this modifier event called Button and then there's also Legacy, I try to create an enemy that will " Dodge " the player bullet when he shoots ( Just put a better speed like fro 0.8 to 1.8 and wander modifier for about 200 tics and a 500 tics cooldown ) but non of those seems to work ???

I tried all of them:

Legacy: Shoot L
Legacy Shoot R
Button: Shoot
Button: Shoot:Any

Helpzzzz please ? It's rare I ask help but heh if someone figure out !

P#8383 2014-01-20 17:36


Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

Is a gramatically correct sentence.

P#8333 2014-01-17 14:04


Hi, this thread is to honor some of the greatest map here, on voxatron in some categories.
Everyone can participate. Post your level or just name it.
If you think there's a better level somewhere else, let me know, I dont know every m user created stuff !

PS: all levels listed here contains custom monster / character. ( It means that previous version level wont be counted )

How it works:

Getting 10/10 is impossible, as it would be PERFECT. Even getting 8 is pretty rare ( It's a proffesional point of vue here )
Your posted maps need to have atleast Total of 16 points or more to be featured here. OR have 8+ points in 1 category

Gold First.
Silver Second.
Bronze Third.

First case: Gameplay. ( How fun was it )
Second case: Graphics
Third case: Storyline. ( How the story is )
Last case: Creativity. ( Mobs are counted here. )

Journey to the east by: D [7][7][5.5][5] Total of: 24.5
The reaper's dungeon by: Kling [6.5][6][2][7] Total of: 21.5
Metal gear voxel by: BugglesMan [6][6.5][4][4] Total of: 20.5
The lonely Voxel by: HobHob [7.5][4][3][4] Total of: 18.5
.King's quest beta by: luthien 412 [3][8.5][3][2] Total of: 16.5
Starship combat demo series by: RandomCommander [6.5][4][4][5] Total of: 19.5

P#8270 2014-01-12 15:02


I did it !

really. I aint joking ... on my next update, you'll see it !

chec my custom weapon template thread !

I love my imagination

P#8189 2014-01-10 09:40

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