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We returned home and Jane made for the bathroom. I stopped her and told her to get on her knees (I always liked to see the state in which she had been left), I pulled her skirt up, and told her to spread. I shoved my dick up her and immediately felt the sloppy remains of her earlier encounter. She told me that she had been fucked twice by both the guy in the bar and his friend. Her original pick-up had taken her to his room, where he fucked her as his friend lay in the other bed. She was then told to go to his friend's bed, where he, also, quickly had her. As the second guy rolled off her, she was ordered to get back across the room for more. The first guy then made use of her mouth to get hard, before she climbed back into his bed. He told her to open her legs and lift her knees as high as she could. In this position and with him on top; he gave her a long passionate kiss � which served to stifle her moan - as he accessed her for anal sex. He rode her steadily for a few minutes, before she felt him stiffen, and let out a long sigh - indicating that he had finished buggering her.

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