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Cart #gb_hellmod-0 | 2022-12-05 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

This is "Hellmod" which is a heavily modified version of the cartridge Four Giga Boss Fights by Guerragames. This was just something I tinkered around with in my spare time. It's not 100% polished. The original game doesn't have a license, so I don't mind taking this down if he has a problem with it.

There's some notable changes from the original:

  • You can hold your angle by holding the Z button (O on consoles). Your speed is reduced significantly if your power meter is empty.
  • The power meter is now hidden and is instead indicated with the color of the bullets fired from your weapon.
  • You can 'overcharge' your power by not using any super bullets (holding X) in which your bullets will turn red and do additional damage for being patient.
  • "Ripping the wings" off of a boss by destroying all of its bullet/laser nodes before killing it will fill your power meter to max (not overcharged). This will also cause the angel to lose its will to live, and you can purge it in a single shot afterwards. This is more difficult with later stages.
  • The ships in the original game were replaced with fantasy weapons, and your hitbox has been changed to look like a little player character.
  • The music was removed and replaced with an eerie drone like sound to hammer in that feeling that you're fighting solo with a giant demonic angel.
  • The lives were changed to look like heart icons.
  • The bosses (angels) only have one set of colors now: red and black.
  • Bosses have way more health now, but now hitting their wings does a small amount of damage to them. They are stronger, but so are you.
  • Death is punishing, and you will lose all of your power when you die. So, try not to.


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