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Cart #starjumps-0 | 2022-10-25 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

I made my first proper Jump N Run and i had a blast creating those levels. But i have no idea how hard they are, now that i did them a million times. Any feedback,tips or pointers are greatly appreciated!

A few key pieces of info to get you started:

Make your way through 3 levels by Jumping(O), attacking (X) witch is also a dash, and a combination of directions and attacking(X) to jump even further.


  • Music
  • Pixelart
  • Level Backgrounds
  • Box Art
  • Main Menu
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I got past the first level with all 10 stars after a bunch of resets, then got halfway through the second level. I couldn't continue because I couldn't figure out how to jump high enough. It was the part where there's a star guarded by a room full of lasers. The part above the star is 1 tile too high for an of the movement stuff mentioned in the instructions.

Other than that, I think the stars should be saved by checkpoints. It feels like it goes against the idea of checkpoints if the player has to keep restarting the level anyway and even more so if the player has to finish the level then restart. Also the visuals don't do a good job of making it clear what's dangerous. I didn't realize there were laser beams until hitting one. I'm also not sure what the dangerous floor is. It looked like a conveyor belt to me.

I'm not sure if there's any way to help with it, but I also think it's counter-intuitive to be able to jump twice after falling. That makes me question how the physics of the game are supposed to work. I get that coyote frames are a thing, but too many just feels weird, especially if they're required for a bonus.

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Thank you so much for that in depth feedback!
I didn't do a good job explaining everything. Try pressing X+O together for the biggest possible dash, that allows you to reach higher places.
Also whilst doing that (or any other attack) you reflect laser shots,that might help with the star in the second level.
And yes, the difficulty is high with the reset of the stars,but i thought of them more like a hardcore challenge.

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Hi @taxicomics.

I'm not sure how closely you want to follow Star Wars in this game. From the arrangement of walls and rooms it seems like you might be on the Death Star from the 4th (1st) movie.

Here is LUKE just arriving on the hangar of the Death Star and the adventure he has with his lightsaber:


Here is Gameboy Advance with advanced graphics to demonstrate its usage of player movement and the lightsaber.


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