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Cart #toknight-9 | 2020-07-10 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Toknight Pre-alpha 0.9

Patch notes:


  • Initial pre-alpha release


  • More map
  • Added Firerod


  • Added Icerod (placed at beginning, not permanent spot)
  • Added projectiles from rods
  • Bug fixes


  • Title screen and opening dialogue done
  • Visual changes to fades


  • Added new crossbow enemies
  • New obtainable item - Bread. This increases your maximum health
  • Many big fixes


  • Added money, dropped from enemies
  • Shovel Knight inspired money reclaiming system after you die
  • Minimap will show current checkpoint and where your lost money is
  • Bug fixes
  • Use for money to come later


  • Removed the icerod and replaced with hammer (still temporary location)
  • Now checkpoints require 2 coins to activate
  • Added in shops
  • Bug fixes
  • Logo screen


  • Hotfix of bug that broke the game
  • Added last weapon, excalibur
  • balanced item costs


  • Last Pre-alpha!
  • Changed camera to have a more smooth transition across x values
  • Placed weapons in permanent spots
  • Attack cooldowns tinkered with
  • SFX added (music later)
  • Added in final boss battle

Hope you enjoy, I've been working on this over lock-down and hope to finish it sometime this month. I would appreciate feedback or comments

Do post feedback, thanks

P#78190 2020-06-17 10:47 ( Edited 2020-07-10 13:41)


A little feedback:

All still very atmospheric.

The graphics are good. Movement feels good; having a variable jump is nice. Having different weapons is good too.

I like that the enemies don't respawn, but at the same time, because of the instant restarts at save points, it doesn't seem as if the game would necessarily become too tough if they did respawn.

Things I'm noting that don't count as bugs or criticisms but as choices about how the game should play are:

  • If you let go (of up or down) while on a ladder, you fall.
  • Attacks aren't possible while jumping, or falling, or on a ladder. (It is in fairness probably harder in real life to fight while on a ladder than while you have your feet on the ground.)
  • When jumping onto a platform, the enemies come to you so quickly they will often get in the first hit - this is already mitigated by the other choices already made of having health and save points.

Onto the only bug/glitch I encountered:

Minor graphical glitch, possibly due to the way pico-8 handles the map. When I'm over as far right as I can be on the top level, in the top right of the screen, I can see a single square of each of the background bricks and the spikes. I haven't looked at the code or sprites or map. If you're using the map directly, be aware that the map and spritesheet share some blocks of data; I'm not positive that is why I'm seeing them there though (I haven't tested it but I would have expected any glitches from this to be at locations where the y location of map is >=32).

The following I know is just there because this is a work in progress; I'm only really mentioning it because of my first hidden comment. I deliberately fell through the bottom of the world and waited, and waited, and eventually fell back into play higher up.

I'm tempted now to write a game where there's an optional collectable on a platform high up that the player can't get to unless they fall through the bottom of the world at some special point then wait for a few minutes for the y position to loop round.

I wonder if any game has ever done that before. Probably, right?

With falling while you're not holding up or down on the ladder, a sneaky level designer might place a spike pit at the bottom of a ladder.

Mainly, all still looks good. :)

P#78281 2020-06-19 13:56 ( Edited 2020-06-19 13:58)

Looks cool! I like graphics and lightning effects.

But I will agree with the post above, inability to attack in the jump is kinda frustrating, and with a par on that enemy locked on the player makes it hard to get on platforms and fight.

P#78282 2020-06-19 14:18

Much larger, I don't think I've explored everywhere. A few jumps seem tricky, but possible, particularly ones with ladders in the middle of the jump or automated spikes that I need to time. Good fun. The boss is formiddable - for now I'm backing out of that fight; sometimes the minions protecting the boss seem to spawn right where I am running to, which doesn't end well for me. Good to see it's going well.

P#79170 2020-07-11 19:45

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