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Cart #scienceproject2-1 | 2020-04-27 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Cart #scienceproject2-0 | 2020-04-27 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Just my project for my genetics class.

Old project had some issues with innacurate rna,
sorry for double posting but I didn't see the update cart button
until I had deleted the original upload :(

P#75500 2020-04-27 19:31 ( Edited 2020-04-28 12:48)

Hi! I was submitting my message when you deleted it :)
Good that you found how to update a post now. It is nicer to keep one thread per game or cart, editing it to post updated versions, but it’s not too serious when people make multiple posts.

This is quite nice! Thanks for sharing it.

I noticed that protein is misspelled.
If you wanted to make the text display a little bit nicer (or see how to do it for future carts), you may be interested to read this article about word wrapping: https://eev.ee/blog/2016/10/20/word-wrapping-dialogue/

P#75505 2020-04-27 20:04

I amended the spelling errors and fixed the text wrapping so it should look a bit better now. By the way do you know how to delete the old cart? The submission system isn't well documented.

P#75512 2020-04-27 20:47 ( Edited 2020-04-27 20:47)

I think people use the spoiler tags (see «preview» button in the edit page) to hide older versions, or they do like you did by putting the most recent version at the top.

P#75523 2020-04-27 22:12

Looks great! Love the 3D spinning helix and how the GCAT labels are layered such that they cover/are covered at the appropriate time. I need to learn how to code that.

Great work :-)

P#75598 2020-04-29 17:58

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