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Have any of you used the Pyxel fantasy console? I just found out about it this week and I think it could possibly be made to work on the adafruit pybadge. It was designed to be a python substitute for Pico-8 and the creator cites pico-8 as his main inspiration for making it. It’s open source and could probably be made to run on the adafruit pybadge. There are a few developers working on a pybadge port of Celeste/pico-8 carts, but I haven’t found any more information about that project except for a few social media pictures and a GitHub repo. If the Pico-8 port to pybadge never happens then pyxel could be a possible substitute.

Here is the link to the Pyxel fantasy console: https://github.com/kitao/pyxel

Pico-8 is always my first choice for a fantasy console, but if it won’t be available on the pybadge then pyxel may be an acceptable substitute.

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