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My main computing device, a Raspberry Pi 3B, just got "upgraded" to an old netbook i fixed up. It is running Windows XP, and while this setup works perfectly for most everything I need, Splore has had a few issues.
I can view and update the threads, search, and do everything except run the carts from the BBS. The Label images are shown and downloaded in the bbs folder, but no code is downloaded. When I try to run a cart, it says it can't connect to bbs. The log file shows this error:

codo_wget failed: UrlHandle == 0

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Pico-8 many different ways, and it isn't the Firewall, so if anybody has any ideas that would be great.
If nobody knows either, that is fine. This is really more of a small bother than anything else.

P#64245 2019-05-08 21:28

Since updating to 0.1.12c I'm having the same issue—can update the list but can't actually run them. I can't find an error in the log file but I do get the message "Could not connect to BBS" when trying to run a cart.

Oddly it works fine when I run 0.1.11g though.

P#65015 2019-06-06 00:29

I'm presently experiencing this issue on Windows in PICO-8 versions 0.1.11d, 0.1.12, and 0.1.12c.  As @GrizonII has said, 0.1.11g works fine.  It downloads the thumbnail sheets fine, but when asked to run a cart from the BBS, PICO-8 downloads a 0-byte file with the right filename.  Every time this happens, I get the same error:

codo_wget failed: UrlHandle == 0

I wish to add that the sound in the affected PICO-8 versions I have is slightly different from the one that works.
0.1.11g reports:

Built-in audio drivers: 0 xaudio2 1 directsound 2 winmm 3 disk 4 dummy
Current audio driver: xaudio2

whereas the affected versions report:

Built-in audio drivers: 0 wasapi 1 directsound 2 winmm 3 disk 4 dummy
Current audio driver: wasapi

I don't know if this is related, but it's the only significant difference I could identify.  If it's of any relevance, I happen to have wget installed on Windows separately from PICO-8, though removing it from PATH didn't do anything.

For the time being, I'm still unable to access the BBS directly.  I think this started around May this year; were there any backend changes to the BBS that could have caused this?

EDIT: I can confirm that this occurs with both the msi and standalone builds, though they seem identical so that might not mean much.  I'll report back again if I find time to test this on other computers.

P#66000 2019-07-21 11:39 ( Edited 2019-07-23 00:36)

I should just note that I'm trying to run this on a Mac (a pretty old one running 10.6.8) so whatever the issue is it's not Windows specific.

P#66060 2019-07-23 23:54

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