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I just have to say the controlling really sucks. In the beta version will the controlling be fixed so the game is playable?

P#1678 2011-10-31 17:27


Robotron style controls would be better - I kept getting killed whilst trying to change direction. If not that, at least redefinable keys would be nice.

P#1681 2011-10-31 17:40


You can use the numpad to shoot while using wasd/arrows to move, I found this much easier

P#1683 2011-10-31 17:48


the problem is... some computers esp. laptops dont have numpads... is there a way to add a config so people can config their options?

P#1692 2011-10-31 18:22


Right now I use the numpad .. thanks Calypso for pointing that out for me.

Support for a gamepad (aka Xbox 360/PS3 controller) would be very welcomed.

For now though I will just use joy2key with a 360 controller. Works great.

Link for joy2key - http://www.electracode.com/4/joy2key/JoyToKey%20English%20Version.htm
Line for help setting up joy2key with a 360 controller - http://forum.iahgames.com/dragonica/showthread.php?t=10234

My setup-
AxisX(0) - D
AxisY(0) - S
Axis3(0) - Space
Axis4(0) - Numpad 6
Axis5(0) - Numpad 2

Hope this helps some people

P#1781 2011-10-31 22:43

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