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Cart [#5324#] | 2011-12-13 | Link

P#5325 2011-12-13 06:59


Forgive me if I'm just being bitter because I suck at video games which don't have Mario in them, but is it really necessary to put the med kits (or whatever Voxatron calls them) in room 3 on diamond-shaped pillars you can get stuck in the corner behind? It feels annoying.

Viewing the room in the editor, I don't think there's even a squid thing in that room, meaning unless another room has a different exit, then this map is unbeatable.

I might also be very cautious about using NOMON and TIME triggers in the same room, like in room 1; if you kill the initial wave of monsters too fast, then the second wave of monsters, which are on a NOMON trigger, will spawn first, and then the red fire-spitting monsters, which are on a TIME trigger, will spawn during that. Contrariwise, I find it much easier to deal with the red fire-spitters during the second wave, which invokes not clearing the first wave until the red monsters have spawned. It kinda feels like it goes against the standard definition of a "wave" when you can determine whether the red monsters or the minotaurs et al. spawn first. :)

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