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Cart #44285 | 2017-09-17 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

I made an animated self-portrait!

Some of it is rendered with drawing functions (the head shape, eyeballs, "ear beams" on the glasses, cheek-lines, etc), and other stuff done with sprites (frames of glasses, eyelids, most of the hair).

Had a lot of fun making this - I recommend making one of yourself, or of someone else!

I also added a fullscreen trail effect for some extra pizzazz, because it's an easy addition. Here's the code for that part, in case you want to use it in your own stuff - note that this will only allow you to "fade to black" over time, but you could modify it a bit to make it fade to a different color. It's...probably very difficult to control what colors it moves through as it approaches your target color, though, since it's abusing the two-pixels-per-byte format that pico8 uses for its screen buffer (which is also why it produces vertical stripes).

for i=1,1100 do

    local x=flr(rnd(64))
    local y=flr(rnd(128))
    local m=8192*3
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