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Hey all! Just purchased PICO-8 couple days ago, really love its aesthetics! Anyways, I bought PICO-8 because of my prior knowledge with music trackers/sfx creation and pixel art. I actually use programs like Aseprite(Retro/Pixel Animation Studio) and Milky Tracker (Digital Audio Workstation) on a daily basis! Ever since I was just a wee lad I've always had game ideas bouncing around in my head. Even back in 2008 I was using a tool called Lunar Magic to hack Super Mario World to use the pre-existing engine to modify levels and the overworld. With all this said I've never written an original line of code in my life. I was going to spend the afternoon with my face full of those picozines and try and learn from there. While regularly consulting the manual as needed. But is there anything I should know?

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Pico-8 is a great place to learn code! I think you should look into some introduction to code before hand though and learn the very basics of loops, variables and objects etc!

this is a series of just the plain basic, and is using Lua and love2D, very similar to PICO-8 Lua!

I have coded before I started with PICO, but https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuaLuMhwcc8 helped a lot! This was a small series of clips that made a game in Pico,learning the syntax and uses in PICO!

There is also tons of content here on the forum to look at!

Good look and have fun!


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I'm on a mac and some of what he told me to install/run I don't really know how to run via this OS. However, I've been following along with his tutorial in PICO-8. Everything is working so far at least. Was able to print hello world in the black typey screen (shell thing?)

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There is a great series running, you should check it out


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Oh wow thanks! This is great! I've already started watching the first video series. (On Lua) Might switch over to this tutorial if I lose my patience. :P Thank you!

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>But is there anything I should know?

if you need to start small project, the picozine is great:

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Yeah, i downloaded all of them.

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