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In 2006 I ran a little social network called bouquet. I've been bringing it back and having lots of fun.

Here's an idea I don't see often enough: posting that waits a week before publishing. The whole point of social networking, at least the way we currently think about it, is to post a thing and IMMEDIATELY get everyone to see it. But what if you posted stuff for a week and then sent it out as a digest instead?

My bouquet site is for tracking stuff you've been up to. Movies you watched, books you read, projects you worked on, drinks with friends, whatever. I might write 5 things in a single day, which is a bit overwhelming on a timeline. But what if those 5 things a day were held back for 7 days, then you see a 35 item update once a week? That could be pretty nice.

So I think I'm gonna do that. Should be cool.

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