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Here are some development notes to myself.

The most exciting software that I'm working on is called Firehose. It takes a bunch of my personal RSS feeds and puts them together in one website. A few weeks (months?) ago, it occurred to me that I could save all the entries into a database. How cool would it be to tie your different feeds (Medium, Mastodon, Tumblr, your personal blog, etc) together and then have a copy you could store for yourself? Today, if a website goes out of business, you could lose all your data. But with this plan, you'd have a backup copy. Super cool.

So I went through a process of learning how to make databases work. That finally bore fruit last week, which sent me off into a side project of getting a 16 year old social networking site dusted off and working again. Here it is! It's called bouquet.

But sometimes it's good to remember why you're doing things. I didn't learn databases so I could dust off my old social networking site. I learned databases so I could do the Firehose backup idea. So I'm going to stop working on bouquet and focus back on Firehose. Wish me luck!

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