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Cart #tonic_solace-9 | 2022-11-17 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA




-Weapon 1 is standard shot.
-Weapon 2 is flamethrower.
-Weapon 3 is homing shot.

P#107791 2022-03-01 10:16 ( Edited 2022-11-17 21:44)

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Super awesome mini shmup! Must've been fun to work on :)

P#107877 2022-03-01 18:19


Thank you, I had so much fun making it the past 4 months.

P#107889 2022-03-01 22:46 ( Edited 2022-03-02 02:40)


Very nice little game. I really like the art style and the different patterns as gun fire. In my opinion the ship could be move faster.

Keep on and have fun :-)

P#107919 2022-03-02 08:19

It feels like you threw Recca and Aleste into the blender and made a puree out of it. It's beautiful

P#107925 2022-03-02 12:03


Thank you for playing, I did a test with a faster ship and I like it. I'll add it in the 1.1 version.


Thank you, I played a lot of Recca. I'm not real familiar with Aleste, I'll have to check it out.

P#107944 2022-03-02 23:52

Update 1.1
-doubled ship speed.
-Increased the enemy's hit effect and added more particles so it'll be more noticeable when shot.
-Fixed the particle effect on the power ups

P#107945 2022-03-02 23:58

Oh yeah ... now its so much reactive. Plays nice! Thank you for update Tonic Solace 😊

P#107952 2022-03-03 07:23

I planning on reworking this and I would love some feedback

P#116421 2022-08-28 20:54

Tonic Rework 1.1.3

-removed laser and wave weapons(they were redundant and weak)
-homing beam sfx was changed to the wave sfx(I like it more)
-the red square enemy now moves a little slower.
-Slowed down the players animation.
-Used my real name on the title menu
-fixed a glitch with the homing beam

Future plan
-all weapons do 1 damage
-Update the label image
-re-implement 1ups and bomb drops
-uncap lives and bombs
-update the boss ai
-change particles, they suck

P#116424 2022-08-28 21:25

Nice game, @Yopenatal. Gold star work !

I see you are using large numbers not part of Pico-8. I wrote a few programs in the past to handle this.


It's my hopes that future Pico-8 can truly work with 100% accurate 64-digit integers and 64-digit decimal places - possibly via strings.

P#116427 2022-08-28 21:46


Thanks for playing, that sounds very possible with the new version of Pico-8. I'll being adding that to my to-do list.

P#116433 2022-08-28 22:10

Tonic Rework 1.1.4

-Fixed homing beam glitch
-Increase homing fire rate
-Updated explosion graphic
-All weapons do 1 damage
-Fixed the tube enemy's movement
-Red square enemy has 1 hp now
-Reduce the hp on the rotating eyeball enemy.
-Changed the player's beam sprite(won't be staying)
-removed dust particles from hits and bombs

-Update the label image
-re-implement 1ups and bomb drops
-uncap lives and bombs
-update the boss ai
-fix scoring
-increase invincibility
-Change particles for powerups and ship

P#116688 2022-08-31 20:22

Tonic Rework 1.1.5
-homing beam can hit enemies on sides of the screen
-homing beam can be used on the boss
-Increased the fire rate on flamethrower
-Increased the number of invincibility frames for player
-Increased the the number of frames for bombs
-Touched up the explosion graphics
-Touched up the flamethrower graphic
-The regular beam and homing beam have new sprites
-Reworked the attack timings of the final boss
-Added a slight pause when you lose a life
-New flame sprite for player ship
-New particle effects for power up drops
-A very minor sprite update for player ship animation
-Reduce the amount of frames that Yopenatal stays on screen
-Fixed some animation of some of the enemies.
-Player gains a 1up and a bomb when they reach the final boss

Future release
-New cart label
-re-implement 1ups and bomb drops
-change cartdata

The next update will be my last major update.

P#118083 2022-09-27 23:29 ( Edited 2022-09-28 00:20)

Tonic Solace 1.2 update

  • Graphical update, looks really cool.
  • A NEW Hard mode
  • 1-ups and bomb pickups are added.
P#120725 2022-11-14 22:21

beat it! super fun

P#120757 2022-11-15 15:31


Thank you so much for playing.

P#120769 2022-11-15 20:03

This was great! Love the intensity and sense of speed!

P#120792 2022-11-16 10:37


I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Found some well hidden bugs so I'm going to release one more update, hopefully in the next couple of days.

P#120807 2022-11-16 19:59

Tonic Update 1.2.1
-Fixed a bug with getting a game over after beating the boss.
-Fixed a weird score logic after beating the boss
-Decreased fire rate of Homing shot
-Revenge shots have a 2/5 chance of appearing in normal gameplay.
-Some minor graphical changes

P#120880 2022-11-17 21:50 ( Edited 2022-11-17 21:54)

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