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OH MY GOD, I DONT EVEN KNOW IF YOU CAN DO THIS, BUT PLEAAASE ADD AN ENDLESS MODE. This game is perfect I just wish I could stick with a world until I was completely finished. grown-up slipways has one, but I like this version more. plus, I can play this in class. I might buy and learn PICO-8 Just so I can create an endless mode myslef.

P#125927 2023-02-16 03:17

I love this game so much! My best score has been 4 stars on forgiving (mostly by way of excessive starbirth and trade hubs/ascension gates), but I have no idea how to post a pic of my game screen. Other than that, amazing game, love the idea, execution, and look/feel, plus a bunch of your other games!

P#129378 2023-05-04 12:22

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