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  Controller customization Borked (v0.6.9, Windows 7 32bit)
Trying to set up the keys for a controlpad in Voxatron 0.6.9 and it says 'Hit up to 4 buttons and hit enter" so trying to set up my stick.. It reads the buttons but it doesn't recognize me hitting ENTER to set it. Am I forced to enter 4 directions on a controller per button? Bound to run out of buttons at that rate..

If there's a way to do this via a INI file or such in the meantime I'm all ears.

Running v0.6.9 on Windows 7, 32 bits on a USB Saitek P2600 Rumble pad.

EDIT: In fact earlier versions had no issue setting the controller, But this is the fist time I've attempted to install it since switching from Windows XP to Windows7 so maybe it's platform-specific bug?

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Posted by DR4IG 2013-10-24 13:41

  Interesting ideas for displays..
Was reminded the other day of LED Cube arrays and was thinking with enough patience and some micro LEDs one of these could be an interesting display for Voxatron, Particularly if one managed to build an array in the same voxel resolution..


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Posted by DR4IG 2011-11-18 08:45

  Character Tank!
Cartridge [#4106#] | 2011-11-12 | Link

A simple tank to replace your character as shown (And requested!) elsewhere on the forums. As I mentioned there, These are based off a 16x16x16 frame rather than the 'proper' 15 15 16 one so some slight clipping may occur, Though I haven't had any truly terrible collisions yet.

VOB library might load in another slot besides 6, So you might need to move the frames to VOB6 manually via copy-paste. If so, Be sure the first frame is named _char or it won't work!

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Posted by DR4IG 2011-11-12 14:11

  Mean Streets - City Under Siege (Work In Progress!)
   Just a simple city-level I have in the works. I think some of my models (The buildings/Roads) might be a bit big as Vox sporadically crashes and I need to save a *LOT* as I work. Making the rest after I post this, Is just a completeable test of the blocks assembled into a map. The lil' blue bugs are supposed to pop out of the mouth of the huge ones when they appear, But sometimes they spawn around them instead.

   The finished levels will be interconnected by the doorways which will spawn portals when each room is cleared, And contain more furniture as I get to making them. I know the buildings block a lot of the foreground action so I tried to make enemies spawn only where you could see them. Maybe in the future some kind of transparency can be added to the blocks. (Hint, Developer! :D)

LATER EDIT: Now that I finally understand how the uploading to the BBS Level List works (LOL!) it should show up in the list as # 4108 now!

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Posted by DR4IG 2011-11-10 13:52

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