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Countryside Driving: A leisurely drive in an endless rural country scape across the land of Aberryca
2017 Macrowave

Originally a 10x11 game for the TinyTV jam, though we wrote it on the last day and didn't take advantage of the tv set framework. So we opened it up to full screen. Here it is, hope you love it and it is a great game for young kids or adults alike. You can now enjoy new rolling hillsides beyond the improved but original countryside, use the cruise control system, and also now choose to play as a boy or a girl

Quick Instructions

The game has two modes, driving or getting out and walking around. You can pick berries when you are walking around.


  • Brakes: left arrow
  • Gas: right arrow
  • Honk: button 1
  • Cruise Control: button 2
  • Press down to steer/pull over (so, hold left+down to stop and get out).


  • The first button will pick berries or get in the car or do nothing depending where you are standing close to.
  • The second button toggles your gender identity.
  • Walk around with the arrow keys

Detailed Manual

The driving controls will be instantly familiar to any driver trained with a standard automatic transmission. Press right to hold the gas pedal, left to hold the brake pedal, and down to steer/pull over.

While you drive, tap the first button to honk the horn. The second button to engage the cruise control.

If you brake all the way to a stop, at the right (driver's right) side of the road, then the driver will hop out. So to pull over, hold down+left).

The basic goal of citizens in Aberryca hangs from bushes along the road here and there. Berries. Try pulling over when you see some, and grab a few juicy ones! The local berries grow on bushes and are blue, purple, pink, and red. Wow! If you want some berries, pull over right away and cross the road approaching the juicy morsels (on foot, hold up to cross the road).

Hold onto your first button while you walk by them. Tall ones take more shaking. You can hear the very blood rush through your ears while you strain and shake those puppies off. Stand in that place and pull until the sucker pops off into your basket. tip: the exact place he can reach a berry is over the basket.

You can, optionally, alternate your gender identity (on foot, press the second button to re-identify).

The best part is, the finder of 100 berries wins a golden BMW 3 series sedan (an upgrade from the default fathom blue KIA Soul). This offer stands even if you ate the berries and lost your proof!

To hop back in your car and go, cross the road (holding down) to your parked vehicle, and simply tap the first button again when you get to it. Beep beep

Thank you

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