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Fezier is an arena shooter were you control a fez wearing magican. Weild the power of magic and slay the damm blobs!

The magican controls with the mouse, and moves towards the mouse position.
To shoot, just left click, the rest will be brought up in the game! Best played as always in the Pico-8 program!

Good luck, have fun and stay Awesome!


  • Blobs should not spawn on you
  • Reset pos for player between matches
  • A little nerf on the shoot bonus while standing still


Cart [#38756#] | Copy | Code | 2017-03-26 | Link

arcade action shooter
P#38565 2017-03-22 13:07


A fast paced endless runner with the use of only one button.

Finally done with my PCG-project!
This time you have to master jumping and jetpacking trough endless obstacles coming your way. How long can you survive?

If you managed to get 4 coins without touching the ground you get a shield, this will be vital for your survival!
Be careful with the grey coins, they will break your combo and send you down to ground!

Any button: Arrow keys/Z/X

  • Hold to charge your jump and release to jump.
  • In air: Hold the button to use your jetpack

Good luck and stay Awesome!


-Update 1.1-
-Saving should now work(hopefully, new to this)
-Camera shake implemented(why not)

Cart [#38281#] | Copy | Code | 2017-03-15 | Link

endless arcade pcg runner
P#36661 2017-01-25 14:17


Good day to you!

I have used the PocketChip for small test-programs and playing games but I have not made a game only on the Pocket Chip. So that had to change I thought.
This is the result from that, made on the train ride to school, or watching tv-series, aka dead time.

It is a simple arcade game, where you are droping a ball trying to time the drop so it hits the goal.

Post your best scores in the comments!

/Stay awesome

P.S. I am soon done on my endless runner, so look forward to that!

X/Z to drop the ball or control the menus.

Cart [#36086#] | Copy | Code | 2017-01-19 | Link

arcade pocketchip
P#36087 2017-01-19 11:50


Can discover the way out?

First time on Ludum Dare and I only had one day to create this game.

Decided to create a small story with some light puzzle elements.

Try out for yourself and tell me what you think!

Link to ludum dare, would love you for checking that out!
Ludum dare

Cart [#33311#] | Copy | Code | 2016-12-10 | Link

story puzzle
P#33312 2016-12-10 16:23


Cart [#32429#] | Copy | Code | 2016-11-13 | Link


  • Made it a LOT more clear that you can not use your powers at the start(changed text, effects,controls etc)
    • Thanks Morning Toast

In a world where robots are taking over, you are the only one who has a chance to defeat them.

The game is a open world- adventure- arcade game were you can explore and tackle all the bosses in any order of your choice.
At your arsenal you have the ability to grow and expand at your command, giving you different stats and attributes in three forms:

  • Small but fast,
  • Medium, absorber of bullets,
  • Large, slow but a lot of more damage than the other.

You have to decide which form is best at every encounter and managing your stamina meter.

The game is as big is going to get without using procedual-content, so the whole map is used, 80 % of the spritesheet, and 7839/8192 tokens used! No music, because that would only sounded terrible for your ears !

Hope you will have a good time and a great day!
/Elastiskalinjen (Sebastian)

Arrow keys = move
If powered up
Z and X = LIGHT

open action
P#32413 2016-11-12 09:43


A mini project done on the side of a bigger one!

This is just a toy for testing interesting movement in a PICO-8 game. I might use it in a later project,
but if you want to use it in your project, feel free to do so! :)

Steer the "feet" with the arrow keys and change foot with X,Y.

It almost feel like real walking! ;)

Cart [#31040#] | Copy | Code | 2016-10-16 | Link

P#31041 2016-10-16 10:25


Cart [#33572#] | Copy | Code | 2016-12-16 | Link

Ho ho ho! Christmas is here and so is a big patch of King Chill. This is a present from me to you, hope
you like it!

A challenging platform game with the focus on just the platforming.

You play as a king that on unknown circumstances is stuck in a deep cave. On your journey you will dodging lava, spikes and maybe some bugs ;)

The goal is to get out as fast as possible! The clock is always ticking so play smart and chill!

Hope you enyoy it and post your best scores in the comments!


  • Remade all levels to make them more fair and fun
  • Added a startscreen and two modes(normal, chirstmas)
  • Added new sprites and sound
  • Added particle-effects to make it look awesome


  • You have longer time to finish the game
  • Fixed collsision on lava on the sides
  • Patched holes on the top, I think most levels will not be escapable(lv 5 is escapable)
  • A message will tell you that you have to hurry up at a certain score, so you you do know why you died.
  • Made some levels a little easier
  • Made the controls more stiff, but it it also made it easier to control the king

Thanks for playtesting and commenting, stay awesome!


P#29070 2016-09-22 14:57

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