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Early work on a platformer - main game mechanic is gliding.

Arrow keys to move.
Z to jump.
Press Z again after jumping to glide. Also press Z when falling (and hold) to glide slowly.

Press X when gliding to boost - you have one boost per fall until you touch the ground again. Also there are parachute/boost collectibles which give you an extra boost mid air.

Get to the bottom of each level to get to the next.

Update: Keeps track of time, deaths, and collectibles now and displays this at end. Added a placeholder game start page, some simple death animation and level start animation (fall down to the start position), and added collectibles and game win. Sound effects are just stubbed in.

Update: Updated character animations. Secret agent themed.

Update: Add fans, and 3 new levels with them. Added particles when landing hard and jumping.

Update: Added two more levels, computers to hack into to steal enemy plans (well walk by anyway). Added placeholder title art (not final art), changed briefcases to USB drives.

Update: Minor tweak to level 10 difficulty (dialed it back a touch) and updated titlescreen slightly - thinking of using the name "Fathom" for the game- implying deep- as in the deep underground base you're breaking into to steal the plans...hence the USB drives and the computers every 10 levels.

Update: Did an edit of most levels and cleaned up a bit of the tiles, layout, and expanded a few levels.

Update: Added new ending piece

Update: Added 3 more levels - I think the first new one might be way too tough ;)

Update: Added 1 more level - levels 1 through 20 are done.

Note I changed the cart name to "Fathom"...!

Hint: anything with yellow on it kills you. Art work is in progress!

Cart [#38790#] | Copy | Code | 2017-03-27 | Link


P#38239 2017-03-14 00:46


This is great! Keep up the good work! I made it all the way to the level that was just a single platform with spikes most of the way across the right (level 6 or so?). Looked like it was uncompletable, so that must be how far you've gotten so far. Took a LOT of tries to get there :D

P#38255 2017-03-14 17:04


Great, thanks! The levels so far are really just experiments, with the last two especially being super hard as a bit of an experiment on what was possible.

Hoping to complete this one fairly quickly over the next couple weeks!

P#38282 2017-03-15 20:28


The first new level is insane! I made it so close to the end! This game is addicting. Great progress, man!

P#38296 2017-03-16 18:40


I'll do a few more levels this weekend hopefully ;)

With getting all collectibles - here's my best time so far for levels completed:

P#38299 2017-03-16 23:51


This was the best I could muster:

P#38338 2017-03-17 15:11



P#38363 2017-03-18 10:29


Those new levels were BRUTAL! I missed one suitcase, I think. It was the one on the second to last level. New stats:

P#38389 2017-03-18 22:41


Wow. I'm impressed you finished! I wanted to rage quite a few times myself- ha. I just tweaked the last level, moved that second parachute power up one cell closer.

P#38391 2017-03-18 22:44


Yeah that second parachute was definitely a killer. Probably almost half my deaths were just trying to get it, lol!

P#38393 2017-03-18 22:47


In the newest update, I couldn't get past I think it was the 1000m level. Whichever one is the one with like 7 or 8 parachutes and you have to go in like a Z pattern. I even uploaded it to my site so I could try it with an Xbox 360 controller, but didn't have any luck there, either (to be fair, the Xbox 360's d-pad is probably the worst thing in the world for this kind of game... the d-pad is horrible and inaccurate).

P#38477 2017-03-20 20:33


Yeah it's tough- the key is at about the 4th to 5th parachute to press X and hold (boost) right to the roof.

But it took me like 40 - 50 times there to get it at least.

I think it's too early in the game for that difficulty, so I'll tweak that level in 1-2 spots to make a bit easier.

P#38480 2017-03-20 21:00


updated level 10- I made the middle part of it a bit easier (I think ;)

P#38481 2017-03-20 21:09


with latest build and the updates to all the levels- here's my current best. I missed one USB key.

P#38491 2017-03-20 23:48


Coming along good! The level changes are nice.

P#38765 2017-03-26 23:12

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