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I started a YouTube series to teach some Pico-8 fundamentals. It is called Pico-8 Hero. In the first "season" we'll be writing a Breakout clone from scratch. It is aimed at people, who have completely no idea how programming works.

I will post more episodes in this thread as they come out.

Pico-8 Overview

#1 - Hello World

#2 - Functions and Variables

#3 - If-Statements

tutorial workshop youtube video

P#32267 2016-11-06 09:19


C'mon, get your initialization inside of _init() already! (bonus - keeping your code inside functions basically eliminates worrying about code order)

Good luck with the rest of your series!

P#32314 2016-11-07 18:09


That is a good point. TBH I'm not yet entirely comfortable with the way scope works in LUA. Will fix this in upcoming episodes tho!

P#32318 2016-11-07 21:34


P#32416 2016-11-12 13:23


P#32464 2016-11-14 10:21


I think that's a great idea! I bet it will help a lot of people get into programming.

I am a newbie programmer myself. I started by making the breakout from the pico-zine #1. I am still working on that first (getting ready to share more progress soon, after taking a nearly six months hiatus), so videos like yours are a great resource, especially for picking up coding practices (as right now my code is a mess, fingers crossed for making it better on my next project).

Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for doing this.

P.S Do you have a schedule when you stream Pico-8 Hero? I would love to come to a live stream.

P#32811 2016-11-28 16:36


I'm glad I can contribute to the community. :)

We don't have a clear schedule but if you follow us on Twitch you'll always get a notification when a stream begins https://www.twitch.tv/teamworkcast

You can also follow me on twitter @krystman

Anyways, here is the next episode:

P#32813 2016-11-28 18:59


P#32849 2016-11-30 15:57


P#32976 2016-12-03 15:53


P#33332 2016-12-11 09:26


P#33515 2016-12-15 05:33


Keep up the great work.

Whenever we get people new to the PICO8 in the slack, I point them to your web series :)

P#33516 2016-12-15 06:31


Thanks, I'm glad it helps!

P#33774 2016-12-20 12:26


P#34452 2016-12-29 16:04


Love the series!!! but after video #7 I am completely overwhelmed.. I am new to coding in Lua, and not particularly a math wiz but video #7 made a sort of quantum leap in difficulty, and the extra testing program made it all more complicated coming out of left field ..

If anyone else in this forum knows some good collision detection resources for learning i would love it!! (unity kinda solves this for you)

P#34478 2016-12-30 00:34


Yeah, sorry. That part kinda snuck up on me. Just copy the final function and continue. It is not STRICTLY necessary anyway.

P#34522 2016-12-30 13:17


P#34862 2017-01-03 14:40


P#35161 2017-01-07 11:35


P#35530 2017-01-12 08:42


P#38060 2017-03-05 15:07


Almost finished my first game because of this :) I kinda went my own way after part 8 and jumped to 12 for some tweaks.
My collision detection is still pretty wonky though, but I think that's because I'm using sprites with different origin points. Will fix that right at the end...it's good enough for now.

Are you going to continue with PICO-8 tutorials after this game example? Because you explain things extremely well. Thank you!

P#38061 2017-03-05 15:59


I'm glad the series helped you! Yes, I will continue with more Pico-8 tutorials afterwards.

Speaking of which, here is the newest episode:

P#38256 2017-03-14 20:40


P#38367 2017-03-18 14:03


P#38581 2017-03-22 17:56


P#38781 2017-03-27 15:06

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