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Fantasy Consoles and Games

Voxatron (Alpha)

Fantasy console and cartridges made out of voxels.
Jasper's Journeys

An exploratory platform game. Roam around fighting monsters and collecting treasure.
Chocolate Castle

A tricky sliding block puzzle game.
Zen Puzzle Garden

A puzzle game inspired by Japanese rock gardens.
Swarm Racer 3000

Take control of a whole swarm bee droids and fly around a plasmatronic racetrack! (In development)
Neko Puzzle

Leap around randomly generated logic puzzles with a flying cat.
Cat Cat Watermelon

Just like it says in the title.
Micro Games

A collection of small and experimental games posted on the BBS.
PICO-8 (Alpha)

Tiny 2D, 4-bit colour fantasy console.

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