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Neko Puzzle

Neko Puzzle is a cute logic game that will massage your brain into a state you never thought existed. Take control of a flight-enabled kitty and plot a course through each puzzle before the time runs out. The game serves up a fresh batch of puzzles each time you play to keep you on your toes.

How to Play

To complete each puzzle, you must collect all of the items on the screen before the time runs out. Use the cursor keys to jump from item to item. To make things interesting, you can only jump straight up, down, left or right. So if you pick up the items in the wrong order it is possible to get stranded.

Sounds simple? It is! But the puzzles quickly become very challenging. Initially, it is possible to solve puzzles by plotting a course through them. As the puzzles become more complex, however, you must learn to deduce which jumps are safe, and which jumps will render the puzzle unsolvable. Good luck!

:: Play

The demo version which contains 20 single player levels.

Windows: installer | zip
Linux: tar.gz | deb-32 | deb-64 | rpm-32
Mac OS X: zip

:: Screenshots

:: Buy

The full version has unlimited puzzles, 3 modes of difficulty, 2 player mode, and a cheat for 9 lives.

Buy for Mac , Windows & Linux

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