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So my 6-year-old son loves PICO-8 and it sort of accidentally ended up being his introduction to programming. Yay! BUT after we really got into PICO-8, the Splore command was introduced and now there's this totally new vector for him to receive content that is not vetted to be kid friendly.

I totally see why everyone loves Splore and it's great for basically everybody but my family, so I was wondering if there was any way to prevent our install of PICO-8 from downloading remote carts. If that existed, I could create a whitelist of sorts by downloading appropriate carts and sticking them in his carts folder. Alternatively, if we could somehow disable the Splore command in our install, that would also work. The least desirable alternative (but still preferable to the current state of affairs) would be obtaining a pre-Splore version of PICO-8 and the manual.txt for that version.

Are any of these sorts of things possible?

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Splore accesses the BBS using the domain "www.lexaloffle.com". So one easy option is to disable access to this domain on the computer running Pico-8. One way I know is to modify the system's "hosts" file to override the domain and point it at the IP address (This refers to the computer itself, so requests for the domain go nowhere.)

For Windows, see these instructions on modifying the Hosts file. On Mac OS and Linux, the file is at the path /etc/hosts. Edit this file using administrative privileges and add a line to the end such as:   www.lexaloffle.com

Changes should take effect as soon as you save the file. This blocks access to the domain for all apps on the computer including the browser, so you won't be able to access the BBS at all (including the page you're reading right now) until you edit the file again and remove the line.

Splore remembers data that it has downloaded previously even if it no longer has network access. You can delete this by locating the Pico-8 data directory (the directory that contains config.txt) and deleting the "bbs" subdirectory.

Do all of this and splore will complain "could not connect to bbs" when you try to "[update]" a section. It can still access local files.

See this Wikipedia article on Hosts for more info.

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Yes, hosts is an option. I'm hoping there's another way because I just want it blocked for his account; for my account I still want to be able to visit lexaloffle.com conveniently. I'd be willing to keep a hosts.bak around and copy it back and forth if that were strictly necessary.

However, your post did give me an idea worth trying... I wonder whether I might be able to achieve what I want by emptying his bbs folder and then making it read-only. Brb experimenting...

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For folks at home, it does indeed work to empty the bbs folder and deny the (account you wish to restrict) write permissions to that folder.

Thanks for the splore details, dddaaannn!

P#39748 2017-04-18 00:17


Cool! Glad that restricting the bbs folder worked. I agree that we could use some official features in this area (content classification, disable network features, parental controls in general).

P#39749 2017-04-18 00:25

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