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My first adventure map

My first adventure map

Voxatron Level   #5315

P#5316 Posted at 2011-12-12 18:48




Hmmmm..... Dude this really need better graphics, better place to move around, and BTW this is difficult and not fun to play at :S

P#5317 Posted at 2011-12-12 19:00




yea...its my first map =). and im not realy good at this.

P#5326 Posted at 2011-12-13 07:32




There are nearly limitless possibilities. Don't be shy to share your creativity and imagination. When you make a map try to work as hard as you possibly can on it. It may not be easy, but anything's possible.

P#5374 Posted at 2011-12-14 22:08




sry but how do i download things ?

P#5447 Posted at 2011-12-22 13:25




That not is a good adventure, but it's your first map. Now practice modeling objects and characters to see if improvements.


P#5448 Posted at 2011-12-22 14:34

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